"Gramping holidays" for quality family time away

I read a very interesting article last week about going on holiday as an extended family, or "gramping" as it's now called. This got me considering the many advantages of gramping.

Firstly, the free childcare aspect! A godsend for parents! Childcare offered by grandparent's goes beyond free childcare: it's with an adult that your child knows very well, loves, trusts and responds to, that'll allow parents to enjoy their precious downtime on holiday. And the whole family will get more out of the holiday if you share out the morning or afternoon shift and get those energetic kids well and truly tired out by teatime!

Gramping provides an invaluable opportunity to form new memories and a chance for a bit of special family-bonding with special opportunities to teach children new skills like swimming or skiing, or more about history or nature. During your holiday, away from day-to-day distractions, you might even find time to share family memories and family reminiscences, children and adults alike love that.

Lots of grandparents won't mind sharing the childcare on a gramping holiday but there have to be some advantages for everyone in gramping. Some older people find it difficult to get away on holiday because they are widowed or single and don't have friends who share their ideas of what makes a great holiday, or simply don't want to go on holiday alone.

In recent research by Club Med, they even found that 13% of grandparentswere happy to “take on financial responsibility for the family holiday” by insisting on paying the bill! 

Thinking about the big picture there's lots of reasons to go away gramping and it might make a change from going away with another family. What's not to like? Call your gramps then get your gramping holiday booked!

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