Yosemite in the Spring

Yosemite in bloom truly awakens the senses. Experience the stunning springtime sights – blossoming wildflowers and waterfalls flowing at their peak, a perfect landscape for budding photographers. The forests become a natural studio for endless bird song while hibernating wildlife return from their winter slumber. Events in the area are in high demand, while rock climbers can assess the best line to climb up Yosemite’s iconic granite features.


In honour of the BBC's fantastic series looking at the death of Angkor Wat’s Megacity in Cambodia, we thought we would show you one of the amazing private tours you can book to Angkor Wat.

Have you been enjoying the BBC's documentary "Hotel India" about the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai? Vibrant, varied and like nowhere else on Earth, India is a land of passion, colour and adventure. From the foothills of the Himalayas to the tranquil backwaters of Kerala, a new experience awaits around every corner. Be inspired by the Taj Mahal while navigating India’s Golden Triangle, taking in bustling Delhi and the ‘Pink City’ of Jaipur, board a boat on the sacred Ganges, ride camels in the deserts of Rajasthan or taste spices grown in the hills of Kerala - the range of experiences is endless.

Agriturismo was codified into Italian law in 1985 and means a holiday spent on a working farm or country estate. The small-scale cultivation of local produce and the traditional cuisines of the regions are valued highly by Sicilians, and since small farms have latterly become less profitable, many owners of land or smallholdings have restored their buildings to accommodate holidaymakers and augment their incomes. Many encourage their guests to take part in the farm’s activities while enjoying the rural life of the region, albeit in some comfort.

"There's not much that can make a 40 year old grown man feel like a fairy princess but being driven through snow covered forests in a sled pulled by 6 eager huskies is about as close as you can get!"

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