Agriturismo of Sicily

Agriturismo was codified into Italian law in 1985 and means a holiday spent on a working farm or country estate. The small-scale cultivation of local produce and the traditional cuisines of the regions are valued highly by Sicilians, and since small farms have latterly become less profitable, many owners of land or smallholdings have restored their buildings to accommodate holidaymakers and augment their incomes. Many encourage their guests to take part in the farm’s activities while enjoying the rural life of the region, albeit in some comfort.


Sicily is separated into nine provinces which all have direct access to the coast, except for the province of Enna which is entirely landlocked. To understand and appreciate Sicily and the Sicilian people, it is necessary to know something of their long and turbulent history. Modern Sicily has been shaped by the events of the past as few other countries have been. Its cities, towns and villages, its spectacular landscapes, its Greek temples and Roman mosaics, the baroque splendours of the south east and the Norman glories of Palermo, the very character of the people and the food they eat, all tell of the island’s story as a battleground and a prize for countless warring civilisations.

This is the island that awaits you: a heady mixture of cultures and traditions, full of contrasts, a glorious amalgam of differing architectural styles, a melting pot of peoples, as different geographically from one end to the other as is the character of its inhabitants. There is so much to see in Sicily: you can explore the beautiful and varied countryside or discover what each civilisation has left behind in its architecture and its traditions. From the mountains of the interior to the fertile plains and golden beaches, you will be made welcome and invited to share the lives and enjoy the hospitality of all those who have turned their country mansions or small farms into warm and comfortable home-from-homes. Sicilians have the reputation of being fierce, proud, reserved and secretive, but they are also generous, loyal, artistic, clever and hardworking. They are always eager to share what is theirs with you. You may start as strangers but you will part as friends.

You will be able to sample the wine from the vineyard outside your window, or the olive oil from the trees around you. Oranges and lemons, fruit of all kinds, nuts, rustic breads, excellent locally-produced meat and fish and delectable puddings will be on offer, and if there is something you really wish you could find at home, you probably can.


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