Hello, and welcome to Travel2Give. We give 100% of all profits from holiday bookings made via this site to charities. It's quite simple, book online with your favourite travel companies by following the links in our pages (which are unique to us) and the holiday company pays a commission which we pass on to our chosen charities (after the small costs of running the site have been deducted). Why do they do that - basically they treat it as an advertising cost which they haven't had to incur elsewhere, like on TV, to get your business!

We’ve got a passion for travel ourselves so check out our blog posts for some ideas from around the world that we or our colleagues have done! 

Our chosen charity for 2019 is Practical Action. 

Practical Action was founded by economist Fritz Schumacher, following an article published on 29th August 1965 in The Observer entitled 'How to help them help themselves', calling for a radical change in international aid policy and provoking considerable debate.

Schumacher’s influential book, Small is Beautiful, published in 1973, helped to spark the green movement and inspired organisations around the world to rethink economics and development theory.

Practical Action is the oldest member of the Schumacher circle, the family of organisations inspired by his philosophy. Fritz Schumacher believed strongly that technology could play an important role in lifting people out of poverty. But he saw the need for a different form of technology, human in scale, which allowed a form of economic development ‘as if people mattered’.

Over the last 50 years, Practical Action has been putting these ideas into practice.

Visit Practical Action at

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