Northern Lights Mystery Tour in Iceland

From just £30 per person on top of your Iceland trip cost! Head into the Icelandic countryside as you try and catch a glimpse of the mysterious Northern Lights, nature’s version of a fireworks display.


Also known as Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights is a mysterious natural phenomenon that is only visible from the far reaches of the northern hemisphere on clear nights between September and April. Iceland is the perfect place to go hunting for a glimpse of nature’s version of a fireworks display, and this trip led by expert guides will take you out into the dark Icelandic wilderness, giving you the best chance to witness these magnificent auroras as they dance across the sky. On the clearest nights you will see the lights swirling across the horizon in dramatic colours, shapes, patterns and sizes.

This is a seasonal occurrence and is heavily dependent on favourable weather conditions and clear skies. The tour is led by experienced guides who track the weather across south western Iceland and then decide on the best route to take to give you the greatest chance of witnessing this phenomenon. However if conditions do not look favourable and to avoid the disappointment of not seeing the lights, the tour operator reserve the right to cancel your tour at short notice. In this event they will endeavor to reschedule you for an alternative date, but if this is not possible we will refund you in full upon your return home.

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