Have you got an anniversary coming up? Imagine the look on your partner's face if you organise a surprise holiday for them! Or think about how romantic it would be if you planned a special holiday together. You could go back to the place where you first got engaged, or relive your honeymoon in your original honeymoon destination. If it's a special anniversary, why not go on the trip of a lifetime to celebrate?

Even better, and perfect for those special wedding anniversaries like your 25th, 40th and 50th, use the gift list service at our sister company The Bottom Drawer and your friends and family will be able to buy parts of your dream anniversary holiday as their presents to you! It all helps in going towards your perfect holiday.

So phone us on 0121 270 2889 or use our online enquiry form to get in touch now. Don't worry if you don't know where you want to go or what you want to do - we can help narrow down your options based on what you like and dislike!

This tour costs £34,069 per person on top of your Dubai trip cost - and that's not a typo!

Experience Dubai like Royalty on this ultra exclusive VIP experience which includes a private Dubai helicopter flight from atop the Burj Al Arab, a Private Jet flight to Abu Dhabi, a 6-star yacht cruise to the Sheikh’s private island, a shopping trip accompanied by a leading fashion advisor, full body massage and makeover by one of Dubai's top beauticians, dinner at Gary Rhodes' Michelin Star Restaurant and a night in the Neptune Suite at the Atlantis the Palm plus much more! You will be accompanied throughout by your private butler and transported by luxury Rolls Royce.

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